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Vol. 27, No. 8NEW!!
  • A Holter monitor is an ambulatory device for continuous and long-term electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring for various clinical purposes. Information on a patient’s physical activity improves the clinical ... Read More

  • We propose a tool for calibrating the coefficient variables of the Steinhart-Hart equation, which are used in temperature measurement with a negative-temperaturecoefficient thermistor. ... Read More

  • An effective user route identification system is a major technological capability that mobile intelligent systems can exploit. To develop such a system, data that include information about user destinations ... Read More

  • In home/office automation applications, pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensors have been widely used for human presence detection. However, PIR sensors suffer from false-on and false-off problems. In this study, ... Read More

  • Colonoscopy is the current gold standard for the visual diagnosis and treatment of colon-related health problems. However, the size of the colonoscope, combined with the nonautomatic nature of the device, can ... Read More

  • The mechanical characterization of new generations of materials such as polymer/carbon nanotube nanocomposites has always been challenging. In this research, the hardness and elastic modulus ... Read More

  • Evolutionary particle swarm optimization (PSO) machines with hybrid sensors (i.e., radio frequency identification (RFID) and E-compass wireless network sensors) and the concepts of traveling salesman problems ... Read More

  • The nonlinear magnetoelectric response characteristics of a giant magnetostrictivepiezoelectric composite sensor in harmonic magnetic fields are described in this paper. Nonlinear differential items are introduced ... Read More

  • In this work, a two-photon recording system in a 50-layer structure is designed with each recording layer containing 4.7 GB of data, similar to the capacity of a singlelayer digital versatile disc, with the total ... Read More

  • In this research, we propose a wireless nonfloating-type thermal convection accelerometer. The heaters and thermal sensors of the accelerometer were made on a flexible substrate with a stacking layer ... Read More

  • The clustering approach is one of the most promising solutions for establishing virtual backbones in wireless sensor/mesh networks (WSN/WMNs). The most basic network clustering structure that has been ... Read More

  • Methods of enhancing the energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks (WNSs) have been studied extensively in an effort to prolong the lifetime of and achieve effective geographic routing in WSNs; these methods ... Read More

  • In this study, we propose an optical fiber security system based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) force-loading sensors embedded in the floor for security monitoring. FBG has the advantages of high sensitivity, small size, ... Read More

  • In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), multihop routing protocols can achieve energy efficiency for data aggregation. However, the network lifetime still suffers degradations owing to the unbalanced energy ... Read More

  • Production information collection is an important issue for manufacturing. Therefore, data transmission techniques for manufacturing equipment are attracting the attention of researchers nowadays. Traditional ... Read More

  • Robust and accurate positioning techniques with seamless integration between indoor and outdoor environments have been receiving considerable attention for applications of location-based services (LBSs). ... Read More

  • The E-health sensor is one of the technologies of the wireless body area network (WBAN), which has a wide range of sensors that can be used to check a person’s health data. In this work, we implement an ... Read More

  • In this study, we apply laser and infrared sensors to a wheeled mobile robot (WMR) for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). The robot utilizes a laser measurement sensor to detect obstacles ... Read More

  • Five novel ideas are proposed for integrating an active radio frequency identification (RFID) tag with a thermal convection angular accelerometer on a flexible substrate. The first two ideas are to fabricate the device ... Read More

  • Self-positioning and obstacle avoidance for an intelligent mobile robot plays an important role in the technologies of the mobile robot. Because of its capabilities of fast response and accurate measurement, ... Read More

  • In this study, micro-electromechanicals (MEMS) system sensors were used to extract physical signals from a machine tool. A performance assessment was carried out using fuzzy logic theory. This, in turn, ... Read More

  • ZigBee devices and ZigBee wireless sensor networks (ZWSNs) are popularly utilized in developing monitoring and control (MC) applications. In this paper, a reliable data collection scheme with efficiency ... Read More

  • In this study, we propose a novel optical fiber pressure sensor based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG). This sensor is simple and has the advantages of being robust and inexpensive. The optical fiber pressure ... Read More

 Research Reports

Static Posture and Dynamic Activity Classification with a Holter-Mounted Accelerometer
Je-Nam Kim, Mun-Ho Ryu, Yoon-Seok Yang and Jun Chang
pp. 585-591
Published on September 7, 2015


Efficient Calibration Tool for Thermistor
Jong-Dae Kim, Doo-Hee Jeong, Hye-Jeong Song, Yu-Seop Kim and Chan-Young Park
pp. 593-598
Published on September 7, 2015


Incremental Clustering Method for Recognizing User Destinations and Routes Using Smartphone Global Positioning System Sensor
Je-Min Kim, Hae-Jung Beak and Young-Tack Park
pp. 599-604
Published on September 7, 2015


Room Occupancy Determination Using Multimodal Sensor Fusion
Rong-Shue Hsiao, Ding-Bing Lin, Hsin-Piao Lin, Shinn-Jong Bair and Jin-Wang Zhou
pp. 605-610
Published on September 7, 2015


An Automation Concept to Enhance Colonoscope Maneuverability
Chih-Nan Ni, Dian-Ru Li, Cheng-Han Lin, Chia-Wei Lin, Po-Chun Hsu and Hao-Ming Hsiao
pp. 611-616
Published on September 7, 2015


Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite by Nanoindentation Using Finite Element Method
Minh-Tai Le and Shyh-Chour Huang
pp. 617-624
Published on September 7, 2015


Sensor-Based Recognition Fuzzy Mobile Robot Systems Designs
Shiang-Min Jou, Chih-Yung Chen, Hsuan-Ming Feng, Hua-Ching Chen and Ming-Hui Ho
pp. 625-632
Published on September 7, 2015


Nonlinear Response Characteristics of Giant Magnetostrictive-Piezoelectric Composite Sensors
Jia Xu, Ranzhen Li and Zhiwen Zhu
pp. 633-639
Published on September 7, 2015


A Two-Photon Single-Laser Optical Data Storage System in a Multilayer Structure
Qun Hao, Xuemin Cheng, Xinnan Hou1 and Jianshe Ma
pp. 641-650
Published on September 7, 2015


A Novel Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-Based Thermal Convection Nonfloating-Type Accelerometer with Stacking Layers under Heater and Thermal Sensors
Jium-Ming Lin, Cheng-Hung Lin, Meng-Hsuan Yang and Chia-Hsien Lin
pp. 651-662
Published on September 7, 2015


Loosely Coupled Dominating Set for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor/Mesh Networks
Chie Dou and Yu-Hui Chang
pp. 663-673
Published on September 7, 2015


Color-Theory-Based Geographical Energy-Efficient Routing Featuring Fuzzy Logical Control for Wireless Sensor Networks
Young-Long Chen, Jia-Shing Sheu and Wei-Xiang Huang
pp. 675-689
Published on September 7, 2015


An Optical Fiber Security System Utilizing Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Janw-Wei Wu, Chih-Hsien Shao and Chia-Chin Chiang
pp. 691-696
Published on September 7, 2015


Performance of a Novel Energy-Efficient and Energy Awareness Scheme for Long-Lifetime Wireless Sensor Networks
Tan-Hsu Tan, Neng-Chung Wang, Yung-Fa Huang, Young-Long Chen and Yau-Der Wang
pp. 697-708
Published on September 7, 2015


A Novel Wireless Network Infrastructure for Manufacturing Equipment Based on Wi-Fi Technology
Shang-Liang Chen, Sin-Ru Wang, You-Chen Lin and Yun-Yao Chen
pp. 709-718
Published on September 7, 2015


A Positioning Scheme Using Inertial Sensing for Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Yih-Shyh Chiou and Fuan Tsai
pp. 719-726
Published on September 7, 2015


Implementation of Body Temperature and Pulseoximeter Sensors for Wireless Body Area Network
Muhammad Udin Harun Al Rasyid, Bih-Hwang Lee, Amang Sudarsono and Taufiqurrahman
pp. 727-732
Published on September 7, 2015


Fuzzy Control Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Strategy Based on Iterative Closest Point and k-Dimensional Tree Algorithms
Jih-Gau Juang and Jia-An Wang
pp. 733-741
Published on September 7, 2015


A Novel Reliable and Low-Cost Wireless Thermal Convection-Type Angular Accelerometer Made Directly on a Flexible Substrate
Jium-Ming Lin, Cheng-Hung Lin and Chia-Hsien Lin
pp. 743-754
Published on September 7, 2015


Using Laser Range Finder and Multitarget Tracking-Learning-Detection Algorithm for Intelligent Mobile Robot
Jr-Hung Guo and Kuo-Lan Su
pp. 755-761
Published on September 7, 2015


Development of a Machine Tool Diagnostic System Using Micro-Electromechanical System Sensors: A Case Study
Shang-Liang Chen, Yin-Ting Cheng, Zheng-Wei Lin and Yun-Yao Chen
pp. 763-772
Published on September 7, 2015


A Reliable Data Collection Scheme with Efficiency Consideration for ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Shih-Sung Lin, Chien-Wu Lan, Ping-Nan Chen and Ya-Hui Wu
pp. 773-785
Published on September 7, 2015


Novel Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor Using Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Structure
Chia-Chin Chiang, King-Leung Wong and Shing-Hai Wang
pp. 787-792
Published on September 7, 2015


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