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  • The technology for aerial robots and mobile robots is developing very rapidly. This technology can be used in many applications: for example, security robots, tour guided robots, home care robots, ... Read More

  • In this paper, we discuss the correlation between the reagent temperature and the thermistor sensor outside the chamber. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) chip employed is constructed on a ... Read More

  • The curing monitoring of polymeric composite materials is necessary to improve the mechanical performance, especially for the characterization of residual stress after manufacture. We aimed to ... Read More

  • In this study, several kinds of wireless inertial sensors, such as accelerometers, angular accelerometers and inclinometers based on the thermal convection principle, were integrated with ... Read More

  • In this study, we developed an all-in-one phantom and scintillator radiation sensor (PSRS) with plastic scintillating fibers which can measure the real-time position and the dose distribution of Ir- 192 ... Read More

  • Particle detection in liquid reagents for various manufacturing processes is important, especially for the semiconductor industry, to maintain the yield and quality of the end products. As semiconductor ... Read More

  • Nonlinear magneto-electric response characteristics of a giant magnetostrictive-piezoelectric composite sensor subjected to harmonic and colored noise magnetic excitation are discussed in this paper. ... Read More

  • Indoor localization is used in many applications such as security, health care, location-based services, and social networking. In traditional localization systems, a target person carries a radio device ... Read More

  • In the application of conventional 3-phase current reconstruction methods using a single DC-link current shunt, the self-switch configuration of space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) may cause ... Read More

  • Due to their low cost and compact size, micro-electromechanical system-based inertial sensors have been utilized to detect human motion. This study presents a hand gesture recognition method with ... Read More

  • Biochips have been the center of attention in biological research because they can be employed in improving various genetic analysis techniques, such as reducing both analysis time and the quantity of ... Read More

  • This study investigates the issues of visual-sensor-assisted aerial robot navigation. The major objectives are to give an aerial robot the capabilities of localization and mapping in global positioning ... Read More

  • For safety reasons, it is desirable to measure radiation as remotely as possible. For remote measurement of gamma radiation, the fiber-optic sensor (FOS) was developed in this study by combining a ... Read More

  • To satisfy the requirement of structural health monitoring (SHM) using light sensors with high sensitivity, novel large-area and flexible lead zirconate titanate (PZT)/polyvinyl-butyral (PVB) ... Read More

  • Metal organic chemical vapor deposited GaN thin films on n-Si (111) substrates with cubic β-SiC (c-SiC) and porous β-SiC (PSC) buffer layers were characterized and compared with each other. We used ... Read More

  • The most important issue for intelligent mobile robot development is the ability to navigate autonomously in the environment to complete certain tasks. Thus, the indoor localization problem of ... Read More

  • The purpose of this research is to develop a fiber-optic Cerenkov radiation sensor (FOCRS) for detecting thermal neutrons in mixed radiation fields. Thus, we designed a probe for FOCRS to detect ... Read More

  • A good gas detection system is usually large and expensive because it requires specialized sensors or complex algorithms. In this study, we use easily obtained gas sensors and a single-chip ... Read More

  • Golf swing analysis is a popular research subject, and is divided into contact sensing and noncontact sensing analysis according to different research methods. Contact sensing research often uses wearable sensors, ... Read More

  • In this paper, we propose a multi-hop distributed energy-efficient cluster fuzzy logic control (MHDEECFLC) architecture to solve the coverage problem of wireless networks, prolong network lifetime, and achieve a balance ... Read More

Special Issue on the International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2015 (IMETI2015)
Guest Editor, Wen-Hsiang Hsieh (National Formosa University)
 Research Papers

The Application of Ultrasonic Positioning System for Indoor Navigation of Omni-directional Mobile Robot
Jie-Tong Zou and Chi-Yi Wang
pp. 585–591
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Micro-Polymerase Chain Reaction Chip Reaction Chamber Temperature Measurement
Chan-Young Park, Seung-Cheol Lee, Yu-Seop Kim, Hye-Jeong Song, and Jong-Dae Kim
pp. 593–599
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Curing Monitoring of Graphite/Epoxy Laminated Composite Material by Using Embedded Corrugated Long-Period Fiber Grating Sensor
Chein-Jung Wu, Liren Tsai, Tsung-Chieh Cheng, Bo-Lan Fang, and Chia-Chin Chiang
pp. 601–608
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Wireless Inertial Sensors Made on Flexible Substrates and Based on Thermal Convection and Near-Field-Communication Principles
Jium-Ming Lin and Cheng-Hung Lin
pp. 609–618
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Development of an All-in-One Phantom and Scintillator Radiation Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Source Position and Dose Distribution in High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
Sang Hun Shin, Wook Jae Yoo, Kyoung Won Jang, Seunghyun Cho, Kum Bae Kim, and Bongsoo Lee
pp. 619–624
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Development of an Automatic Sampling Module to Monitor Concentration of Liquid-Borne Nanoparticles
Yu-Shan Yeh, Kaoru Kondo, and Han-Fu Weng
pp. 625–630
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Nonlinear Magneto-Electric Response of Giant Magnetostrictive-Piezoelectric Composite Sensors Subjected to Harmonic and Colored Noise Excitation
Jia Xu, Yingxiao Kong, Hongli Wang, and Zhiwen Zhu
pp. 631–636
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Device-Free Indoor Localization Based on Data Mining Classification Algorithms
Mekuanint Agegnehu Bitew, Rong-Shue Hsiao, Shinn-Jong Bair, Chiu-Ching Tuan, and Hsin-Piao Lin
pp. 637–647
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


3-Phase Current Reconstruction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives Using a Single DC-Link Current Sensor
Cheng-Yu Hsieh, Wen-Chun Chi, Ming-Yang Cheng, Wei-Liang Kuo, and Wei-Leng Wu
pp. 649–654
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Hand Gesture Recognition with Inertial Sensors and a Magnetometer
Mi-So Lee, Kyung-Won Kim, Mun-Ho Ryu, and Je-Nam Kim
pp. 655–660
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Temperature Sensors for Biochips Based on Resistance Temperature Detectors Using Copper Pattern on Printed Circuit Board
Sang-Yoon Kim, Jong-Dae Kim, Yu-Seop Kim, Hye-Jeong Song, and Chan-Young Park
pp. 661–666
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Determination of Map Scale and Initialization of Landmarks for Aerial Robot Monocular Visual Localization and Mapping
Yin-Tien Wang, Chung-Hsun Sun, and Ting-Wei Chen
pp. 667–674
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Development and Comparison of Fiber-Optic Sensors in Different Shapes for Remote Measurement of Gamma Radiation
Chan Hee Park, Rinah Kim, Han Young Joo, and Joo Hyun Moon
pp. 675–679
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Preparation and Characterization of Large-Area and Flexible Lead Zirconate Titanate/Polyvinyl-Butyral/Additives Composite Films for Piezoelectric Sensor Application
Xiaoliang Fang, Jingjing He, and Yulong Zhang
pp. 681–688
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


GaN Thin Films Deposited on n-Si (111) Substrate with a Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition System for Sensing Ultraviolet Light
Tse-Heng Chou
pp. 689–694
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Artificial Beacons with RGB-D Environment Mapping for Indoor Mobile Robot Localization
Chun-Chi Lai and Kuo-Lan Su
pp. 695–705
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Calculation of Thermal Neutron Induced Electron Fluxes Generated in a Fiber-Optic Cerenkov Radiation Sensor Using Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code
Kyoung Won Jang, Sang Hun Shin, Wook Jae Yoo, Seunghyun Cho, and Bongsoo Lee
pp. 707–711
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Low-Cost Multisensor Gas Detection System with Fuzzy Algorithm
Jr-Hung Guo, Kuo-Hsien Hsia, and Kuo-Lan Su
pp. 713–723
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Simulating Feasibility Assessment of the Golf Swing by Kinect Motion-Sensing Photography
Hao-Hsiang Ku, Wen-Cheng Wang, and Yen-Wu Ti
pp. 725–737
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


Combining a Multi-Hop Distributed Energy-Efficient Cluster Algorithm with Fuzzy Logic Control for Wireless Sensor Networks
Young-Long Chen, Li-Hsien Chang, and Tuo-Jing Huang
pp. 739–743
Published on June 22, 2016
PDF (open access)


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Special Issue on Function and Material Design for Advanced Gas Sensors
Guest editors, Youichi Shimizu (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan), Geyu Lu (Jilin University, China), and Tetsuya Kida (Kumamoto University, Japan)
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Special Issue on Asia-Pacific Conference of Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology 2016 (APCOT2016)
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Special Issue on Sensing and Monitoring for Infrastructure
Guest editors, Chitoshi Miki (Tokyo City Universtity)
Carbon Thin Films
Guest editors, Naoto Ohtake (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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PEA space charge measurement and its discussion
Guest editors, Yasuhiro Tanaka (Tokyo City University)
Submission due date, December 5, 2016

Special Issue on ICASI2016
Guest editors, Teen-Hang Meen (National Formosa University, Taiwan), Stephen D. Prior (University of Southampton, UK), Artde Donald Kin-Tak Lam (Fuzhou University, China)
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Special Issue on The Third International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control (IS3C2016)
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