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  • An amperometric CO sensor using a solid oxide electrolyte was studied, and it was found that the oxygen pumping current increased with increasing CO concentration when Au(10 wt%)/In1.9Sn0.1O3 ... Read More

  • We have developed a simple method of producing a customized flexible electrode that is capable of soldering. This method consists of a few fabrication steps. The first step is the laser printing of a reversal pattern ... Read More

  • In this paper, a contactless sensor for the measurement of liquid concentration using a quartz oscillator is reported. An out-of-plane electric field distribution from a planar sensing capacitor (SC) is used for ... Read More

  • Robotic devices intended to assist patients recovering from hip movement disorders face two major problems, namely, difficulty in (1) enhancing self-efforts in gait training by only using a robotic ... Read More

  • Gaze writing (text entry by eye gaze) is a promising approach to helping people with motor disabilities use a computer and communicate with others. In this paper, we propose a novel gaze-writing ... Read More

  • Male participants were presented with pictures of female faces and asked to evaluate the degree of attractiveness of each image using a questionnaire. Then, the impact of the degree of attractiveness ... Read More

  • In this study, we aim to develop and improve an attribute classification method for pedestrians using a plantar pressure value. At present, many retail businesses use various methods ... Read More

  • Heart rate estimation during exercise with photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors is a difficult problem because motion artifacts (MAs) contaminate PPG signals. In this paper, we propose a method ... Read More

  • Visually impaired people are limited in movement both indoors and outdoors. To solve this problem, existing studies propose a navigation system that leads visually impaired people on the route to ... Read More

  • Depression has become a social problem in Japan. To prevent depression, people need to recognize their mental health in daily life. Previous research supports mental health care by predicting ... Read More

  • Because of Japan’s rapidly aging population, the number of single-person households is increasing. Therefore, to ensure the safety of residents, the demand for methods of monitoring residents’ behaviors ... Read More

  • The needs of older workers are increasing with the advancement of the aging society, and their health consciousness is also rising. Walking is a useful way of maintaining health and wellness in the ... Read More

Special Issue on Smart Sensing for the Environment and One’s Well-Being
Guest Editor, Takashi Oyabu (Kokusai Business Gakuin College)
 Research Papers of Special Issue

Solid Oxide Amperometric CO Sensor Prepared by DC Sputtering
Tatsumi Ishihara, Toshikazu Mori, Jun Iwata, Hidehisa Hagiwara, and Shintaro Ida
pp. 271-277
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Simple Fabrication Method to Produce Flexible Electrode Capable of Soldering
Shigeru Toyama, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Yurie Ishikawa, and Kazuhiro Hara
pp. 279-288
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Contactless Liquid Sensing Technique Using a Quartz Oscillator
Tsubasa Susa, Takeru Watanabe, Masayuki Sohgawa, and Takashi Abe
pp. 289-294
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Master–Slave-Type Gait Training System for Hip Movement Disorders
Tasuku Miyoshi, Kenta Asaishi, Taisyu Nakamura, and Motoki Takagi
pp. 295-309
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Development of a Text-Based Communication System with Eye Tracking Technology
Takahiro Hayashi and Reo Kishi
pp. 311-319
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Impact of the Facial Attractiveness of a Social Reward on Event-Related Potential Activities and Task Performance
Yasuhiro Ogoshi, Sakiko Ogoshi, Tomohiro Takezawa, and Yoshinori Mitsuhashi
pp. 321-327
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Development of Attribute Classification Method for Pedestrians Using Plantar Pressure Value
Takuya Tajima, Takehiko Abe, and Haruhiko Kimura
pp. 329-339
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Estimation of Heart Rate during Exercise from a Photoplethysmographic Signal Considering Exercise Intensity
Takahiro Hayashi and Tatsuya Ooi
pp. 341-348
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


High-Speed Detection of Down Staircase for Visually Impaired People Using Illuminance of Point Pattern
Yusuke Kajiwara, Keisuke Ohshima, and Haruhiko Kimura
pp. 349-358
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Mood Prediction in Consideration of Certainty Factor Using Multilayer Deep Neural Network and Storage-Type Prediction Models
Yusuke Kajiwara, Haruhiko Kimura, and Takashi Oyabu
pp. 359-368
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Estimation of Resident’s Location in Indoor Environment Using Bioelectric Potential of Living Plants
Hidetaka Nambo and Haruhiko Kimura
pp. 369-378
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


Vital-Sign Characteristics of an Elderly Person during Walking
Takashi Oyabu, Yusuke Kajiwara, and Haruhiko Kimura
pp. 379-388
Published on April 20, 2016
PDF (open access)


S&M Young Researcher
Paper Award 2016
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S&M Young Researcher
Paper Award 2015
Recipient: Dr. Toshihiko Noda
Paper: Magnetic-Thrust Flexible Electrode with Integrated Preamplifier for Neural Recording

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Forthcoming Regular Issues

Forthcoming Special Issues

Special Issue on Applications of Advanced Materials on Microelectronic Sensor and Optical Devices
Lead guest editor, Teen-Hang Meen (National Formosa University)
Guest editors, Shoou-Jinn Chang (National Cheng Kung University), Mo Li (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Stephen D. Prior (University of Southampton)
Call for paper

The International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2015 (IMETI2015)
Guest editor, Wen-Hsiang Hsieh (National Formosa University)

Special Issue on Biosensing and the Applications
Guest editor, Masaki Yamaguchi (Shinshu University)
Submission deadline: January 31, 2016

Special Issue on Sensing Control Analysis and Experiment for Advanced Materials
Lead guest editor, Cheng-Chi Wang (National Chin-Yi University of Technology)
Guest editors, Guanrong (Ron) Chen (City University of Hong Kong) and Ming-Tsang Lee (National Chung-Hsing University)
Call for paper

Special Issue on International Conference on BioSensors, BioElectronics, BioMedical Devices, BioMEMS/NEMS and Applications 2015 (Bio4Apps 2015)
Guest editor, Renshi Sawada (Kyushu University)

Special Issue on Function and Material Design for Advanced Gas Sensors
Guest editors, Youichi Shimizu (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan), Geyu Lu (Jilin University, China), and Tetsuya Kida (Kumamoto University, Japan)
Call for paper
Submission due date, extended to June 1, 2016

Special Issue on Asia-Pacific Conference of Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology 2016 (APCOT2016)
Guest editors, Zhou Guangya(National University of Singapore), Yonggang Jiang (Beihang University), Takeshi Kawano (Toyohashi University of Technology), and Minoru Sasaki (Toyota Technological Institute)
Conference website
Call for paper

Special Issue on ICASI2016
Guest editors, Teen-Hang Meen (National Formosa University, Taiwan), Stephen D. Prior (University of Southampton, UK), Artde Donald Kin-Tak Lam (Fuzhou University, China)
Conference website
Call for paper

Special Issue on The Third International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control (IS3C2016)
Guest editor, Hsiung-Cheng Lin (National Chin-Yi University of Technology)
Conference website
Call for paper

Special Issue on the 10th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2016)
Guest Editor, Ruqiang Yan (Southeast University)
Conference website
Call for paper

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